Avrae is the world's largest Discord bot designed to help players and Dungeon Masters around the world play D&D together online. Rolling with over 5 million users across over 500,000 Discord servers since 2016.


I started using Avrae in late 2017, and quickly became enamored with her functionality and ability to build out and customize commands. Once the project became open source, I found myself contributing to the various GitHub repro’s regularly; adding new functionality, editing documentation, updating the website. Throughout the years, I have spent countless hours working with fellow staff members and the community, providing technical support and advice to users of all experience levels.

In 2019, Avrae was acquired by D&D Beyond, and later that year I was commissioned to write the automation data for the 5e content available within the bot. At the time, this was limited to just spells and monster attacks from the SRD, but after this project went well, and the bots capabilities were built upon, this expanded to all official content available on D&D Beyond, with the inclusion of player actions as well. I spent the next several years working by commission on each book as they released, and continued to contribute to the open source project in my spare time.

Wizards of the Coast acquired D&D Beyond in May 2022, and with that I happily accepted a contract to work on the bot full time. Andrew Zhu, the creator of Avrae, was going to school to continue their post secondary education, and needed to focus on that, and handed the reigns over to me. I happily spent the next 13 months working full time on Avrae, alongside a few other internal products at D&D Beyond.

In addition to my official contributions to the Avrae bot (and its assorted services), I’ve also done a considerable amount of work as a community member. Numerous aliases and collections (Many found here, on GitHub), a package/plugin for both Sublime Text and VS Code to integrate with Avrae’s API, and various guides that can be found on the Avrae Development Discord.